Web Mapping Made Easy

The Heron Mapping Client (MC) facilitates the creation of browser-based web mapping applications with the GeoExt JavaScript toolkit.

GeoExt is a powerful toolkit that combines the web mapping library OpenLayers with the user interface savvy of Ext JS to help build powerful desktop style GIS apps on the web with JavaScript. The Heron MC leverages these frameworks by providing high-level components and a convention to quickly assemble applications merely through configuration (“Look ma no programming”).

Using Heron

See Heron in action.

Heron.layout = {
    xtype: 'window',
    title: "Hello Heron",
    height: 280, width: 450,

    items: [
            xtype: "gx_mappanel",
            layers: [new OpenLayers.Layer.OSM()]

This is a minimal Heron application. You can see that this app is completely defined through a configuration object starting with Heron.layout. Learn more about using Heron in your application by reading the documentation.

Heron is Free Source

Heron is available under the GNU GPL v3 license.