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class Heron.widgets.search.FeatureInfoPanel(config)

Panel to hold Feature Information for one or more WMS (GetFeatureInfo) and/or Vector (e.g. WFS) layers.

Example Use

Sample code showing how to configure a Heron FeatureInfoPanel. All regular ExtJS Ext.Panel config params also apply. The infoFormat config parameter is the default INFO_FORMAT to be used for WMS GetFeatureInfo (GFI). This value can be overruled by an optional per-Layer infoFormat WMS Layer config parameter. GetFeatureInfo-response data may be displayed as a Grid, a Tree or formatted XML. The displayPanels config option can be used to trigger a menu with display options. Note also the use of “GridCellRenderers”. These allow you to render specific formatting of cell content within the feature grid. For example URL substitution to render external links in a new tab or browser window. You can even supply your own formatting function. This function is according to the ExtJS ColumnModel renderers (see e.g. http://snipplr.com/view/40942). More finegrained grid-control can be obtained with gridColumns. Here the standard ExtJS columns layout can be specified per feature type. Via gridColumns should become the preferred method.

       xtype: 'hr_featureinfopanel',
       id: 'hr-feature-info',
       region: "south",
       border: true,
       collapsible: true,
       collapsed: true,
       height: 205,
       split: true,
       infoFormat: 'application/vnd.ogc.gml',
       displayPanels: ['Grid', 'XML'],
       exportFormats: ['CSV', 'XLS'],
       maxFeatures: 10,
       columnCapitalize: false,
       discardStylesForDups: true,
       gridCellRenderers: [
                                      featureType: 'cities',
                                      attrName: 'City',
                                      renderer: {
                                              fn : Heron.widgets.GridCellRenderer.directLink,
                                              options : {
                                                      url: 'http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/{City}',
                                                      target: '_new'
                                      featureType: 'cities',
                                      attrName : 'Country',
                                      renderer :  {
                                              fn : Heron.widgets.GridCellRenderer.browserPopupLink,
                                              options : {
                                                      url: 'http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/{Country}',
                                                      winName: 'demoWin',
                                                      width: 400,
                                                      height: 800,
                                                      scrollbars: 'yes'
                              {   // Example for custom HTML, could use also with e.g. links
                                      featureType: 'cities',
                                      attrName : 'longitude',
                                      renderer :  {
                                              fn : Heron.widgets.GridCellRenderer.valueSubstitutor,
                                              options : {
                                                      template: '<i>ll={latitude},{longitude}{empty}</i>'
                                      // Example: supply your own function, parms as in ExtJS ColumnModel
                                      featureType: 'cities',
                                      attrName : 'population',
                                      renderer :  {
                                              fn : function(value, metaData, record, rowIndex, colIndex, store) {
                                                      // Custom formatting, may also use this.options if needed
                                                      return '<b>' + value + ' inh.</b>';
                                              options : {


    gridColumns: [
    featureType: 'states',
      columns: [
              header: "State Name",
              width: 120,
              dataIndex: "STATE_NAME"
              header: "Inhabitants",
              width: 120,
              dataIndex: "PERSONS"
              header: "More Info",
              width: 120,
              renderer: function (value, metaData, record, rowIndex, colIndex, store) {
                  var template = '<a target="_new" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/{STATE_NAME}">Wikipedia Info</a>';
                  var options = {attrNames: ['STATE_NAME']};
                  return Heron.widgets.GridCellRenderer.substituteAttrValues(template, options, record);



Config Options

Configuration properties in addition to those listed for Ext.Panel.


Integer Maximum number of features to ‘sniff’ for autoconfigured grid columns (as null columns are often not sent by server).


Integer The maximum width of a auto adjusted column grid response. Setting to 0 will disable auto column width detection

The minimum width of a auto adjusted column. Requires autoMaxWidth to be > 1 to function.

Boolean Should the column names be capitalized when autoconfig is true?


Integer The width of a column in a grid response


Boolean In case the same Layer is present multiple times, request only once without any STYLES= parameter. Default is false.


String Array

tring array of types of Panels to display GFI info in, default value is [‘Table’], a grid table. ther value is ‘Detail’, a propertyPanel showing records one by one in a “Vertical” view. f multiple display values are given buttons in the toolbar will be shown to switch display types. irst value is the panel to be opened at the first time info is requested ote: The old implementation with ‘Tree’ and ‘XML’ was deprecated from v0.75


Boolean Show features from all visible layers that are queryable.


String Array

rray of document formats to be used when exporting the content of a GFI response. This requires the server-side CGI script heron.cgi` to be installed. Exporting results in a download of a document with the contents of the (Grid) Panel. or example when ‘XLS’ is configured, exporting will result in the Excel (or compatible) program to be tarted with the GFI data in an Excel worksheet. ption values are ‘CSV’ and/or ‘XLS’, , ‘GMLv2’, ‘GeoJSON’, ‘WellKnownText’ default is, null, meaning no export (results in no export menu). he value [‘CSV’, ‘XLS’] configures a menu to choose from a .csv or .xls export document format.


Boolean Should the feature geometries that are shown be selectable in grid and map? Default true.


Array Have all columns displayed but only these specifically formatted per feature type (see example).


Array Have only specific columns displayed and formatted per feature type (see example).


Array An array of column names from WFS and WMS GetFeatureInfo results that should be removed and not shown to the user.


Boolean Show features on hovering.


String Default GFI INFO_FORMAT parameter, may be overruled per Layer object infoFormat WMS param. If not set the value application/vnd.ogc.gml will be used.


string The layer to get feature information from. Parameter value will be "" if not set. If not set, all visible layers of the map will be searched. In case the drillDown parameter is false, the topmost visible layer will searched.


int Default GFI MAX_FEATURES parameter. Will be 5 if not set.


Boolean Should the feature geometries be shown? Default true.


Boolean Show the toolbar with object count, clear and export buttons. Default is false.

Public Methods

Public methods in addition to those listed for Ext.Panel.


Called when Panel has been rendered.


Called when Panel has been rendered.